Our Purpose and What We Do

Our  Purpose, as laid out in our Articles and Bylaws remains those listed in our original constitution from 1952.

  1. To provide an opportunity for fellowship and social activity among women
  2. To assist in developing a sound concept of education and cultural values in our community
  3. To promote the higher education of women by the establishment of scholarships
  4. To afford an opportunity for the discussion of issues of local, national and global importance
  5. To stimulate interest and participation of women in political, social and cultural activities

CFUW St. Thomas

To achieve our purpose our Community Engagement Fund provides scholarships, fund raises and donates to such local organizations as the local Women’s Shelter and the YWCA. Our Advocacy committee won a national award for its work in partnership with the St.Thomas Police Services to provide support and advice on eliminating violence against women. The committee writes letters of support for cultural funding and just laws, especially those laws affecting women’s issues.

CFUW National addresses local, national and international social justice issues; provides heightened awareness among members and advocates for appropriate social policy regarding women’s rights and equality.

We have a 100 year long history of achievements in ensuring education for women and realizing their human rights.

We host engaging, informative speakers, events and activities that enhance lifelong learning.

We are one of the few women’s organizations to offer a local, national and international opportunity that is independently funded and reasonably priced.

CFUW believes that when provided equal opportunities for education, and when surrounded by friendship and fellowship, our ability to achieve greatness is astounding. 

Visit the CFUW National website for more information about our Canadian organization.