Meeting Schedule Spring 2021


COVID-19 Notes:  

Your executive is keeping a  close eye on the progression  of the pandemic, and will  adjust the schedule and  format as necessary to  ensure we are acting in  accordance with public  health guidelines. 

Masks are mandatory for all  who are able, and  mandatory social distancing will be practiced  at all meetings for the  foreseeable future.  

Book Club and Bridge Club  will maintain the temporary  suspension of in-person  activities. Out-to-club  bunch will continue on an  ad-hoc basis. 




We have been working within the  community to improve the status of women,  promote human rights, public education,  social justice and peace for over sixty years 


Victim’s Services & Mental Health Support Panel  


VIRTUAL—Zoom Details to come!  

Natalie Redman, CEO of Victim’s Assistance Elgin and 

Brianne Graham, Mental Health Support, Police Services, St. Thomas  Police Service 


FEBRUARY 10TH *WED   Please note change in usual date.

Hospice Care in St. Thomas  

VIRTUAL at 7 p.m.

Carrie Ford, Campaign Director, Hospice of Elgin 

Carrie will provide an update on the progress of making the Hospice of  Elgin a reality. 



Women Pilots Leading the Way 

CASO Station Dining Room if possible 7pm  

Emily Crombez was chosen to be on a Canadian stamp by the East Canada  Section of The Ninety-Nines, an international organization of women  pilots. In 2014 she became the first female pilot to crew the Bombadier Ch 415 water bomber. 



The Role of the Public Library in the 21st Century 

St. Thomas Public Library 7pm  



MAY 12TH  Wednesday (Note the meeting change date.)

Annual General Meeting will be a virtual meeting. 7. pm. See details in President’s email. We will have a programme by 

Nancy and Paul Lovelock who will speak about their experiences sponsoring and re-settling refugees into the community.